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19-Jan-2018 15:49

Let's dive in by clicking the Run button, which reloads the web app with the performance heuristics turned on.After the page reload, you'll see a list of recommendations similar to the screenshot below.We won't be covering them all in depth with this article, but it's easy to find more information and details.Helpful resources for learning more about the specifics of web app optimization include Let's make the web faster tutorials and High Scalability's Latency is Everywhere and It Costs You Sales.Let's look at one recommendation in depth, and learn how to connect the Audit recommendation to other tools inside Dev Tools.

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Unfortunately, the tool doesn't tell you exactly what you need to do, so we need to dive into the recommendations a bit and use our knowledge of web app performance optimizations to apply these suggestions.

Amazon measured a 1% drop in sales for every 100ms of site latency, and Google measured a 20% drop in traffic for every 0.5 second delay (citation).

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